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    Hainan Wensheng Hi-tech Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2003,the registered capital of company is RMB281,250,000.00, and we have 500 staff. As a wholly subsidiary of Shenghe Resources Holding Co., Ltd.(SSE:600392),Hainan Wensheng is one of the leading supplier which is specialized in zircon, ilmeninte and rutile in China.

    The headquarters is located in Haikou,provincial capital city of Hainan International Tourism Island. Based on R&D and production capacity, the company now has a number of invention patents. Our ISO9001:2015 certification and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production guarantees our commitment to quality.

    Most of our raw materials are imported from Australia and Africa, long-term partnership with suppliers ensure an adequate supply of our raw materials. We have a annual production capacity of 750,000 tons, includes zircon, rutile, ilmeninte, kyanite, monazite, garnet, etc.

    Our products are widely used in ceramics, aeronautics and astronautics, nuclear energy, refractory, chemical, metallurgical, casting, coating, artificial gem, titanium chloride, titanium sponge, welding materials, titanium dioxide, titanium slag, reduction titanium, ferrotitanium, electronic industry and other downstream industries, with high influence and popularity in the industry.

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